Imerco web sales process optimization

Double web sales throughput, setting clear roles and responsibilities and scale into omni sales


  • Imerco is a Danish retailer with focus on homeware with +150 stores and a strong online presence
  • Only sales are growing rapidly. Last year, Black Friday and Christmas sales led to unacceptable long delivery times, error deliveries and large piles of unfinished packages
  • How can we double packing capacity for our webshop and scale your resources most effectively?

Imago Advisory approach

  • Imago Advisory led an agile approach, where we in two weeks sprints established a detailed overview of as-is process with all variants and supporting processes, mapped all issues and then iteratively deep dived into root causes to derive the to-be process
  • Deliverables included clear roles and responsibilities (RACI), new design for main and support processes, new shop floor layout with new routes and work practices for web logistics, new logic and system support for goods received/returned and new unified customer communication flow across all systems
  • A common language across the value chain and a new resource model based on expected sales to plan resource need in each department – especially when to move from one to two or three shifts
  • The effort also meant, that web logics started working after performance management principles and customer care introduced a new application to register and speed up resolution processing


  • Imerco was in 6 months able to successfully double web sales throughput with very few errors, and Black Friday volumes was delivered within a week
  • Further, the set-up is now scalable so they can realistically work and scale towards even bigger volumes

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