Our Services

Over the years, we have delivered projects across several industries
focusing on strategy and transformation

Imago Advisory focused on strategy and transformation. Over the years, we have delivered projects across several industries.
Typically, our services fall in these types:


Understand the game plan, find the narrative, align objectives & plan

We work in both B2B and B2C companies across multiple industries. In essence, it’s about understanding the key choices your company face, your business model – and with that where to play and how to win your business.

Bringing this together in a compelling narrative to create engagement and alignment toward the common goal as well as the plan how to implement and reach this.


GTM Pricing, Private Label, & Category Management

We do both B2B and B2C pricing. We work across large scale volume like to retail to low volume value-based pricing of niche products or advanced Cost+Plus pricing models in service industries.

For both wholesalers and retailers, we do category management and Private Label strategies

More broader do we do Go-To-Market planning, marketing excellence or driving innovation.


Due diligences & Post Merger Integration (PMI)

We work with both Private Equity and Corporates in M&A

We have deep and long experience in both buy- and sell-side cases with acquisition support levering both strategic understanding, storytelling and communication skills

We can lead the acquisition, commercial or operational due diligence, and plan & execute the Post Merger Integration (PMI)


Program management, strategy execution & process optimization

We provide project leadership to realize the strategy with outset in your organization and current context

This often entails recruiting and organizational redesign, process optimization, establish performance management and Business Intelligence – and hardcore program/project management to steer the project through all challenges to delivery

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