Simcorp M&A

Use due diligence process to actively start integration to keep all key resources


  • SimCorp is a listed FinTech company and a leader in integrated investment management solutions
  • They eyed an opportunity to acquire APL Italiana after signing their biggest customer, Generali, to capture +100 senior APL developers and mitigate transition risks of Generali
  • However, after “beating” APL in the marketplace, how can SimCorp acquire the company and retain all the critical developers and consultants?

Imago Advisory approach

  • Imago Advisory led the acquisition process for SimCorp, and worked seamless with SimCorp Finance, IT and HR function during the acquisition process from first contact to start, contracting, singing to closing and start of implementation
  • Thinking through the integration issues from start of the acquisition process meant we on top of standard financial, legal and technical due diligence, had workstreams on resource competencies and personality, HR topics, and several workshops with key leaders from both parties to understand culture, vision, values and how to build career perspectives
  • Sametime, we had several workshops internally to ensure the integration plan was anchored at all levels and leaders were clear on rationale and process


  • Very successful acquisition delivering on business plan after first year without losing any employees!
  • As a corollary, it was helping SimCorp to pay the right price for company because owners could see the future for their staff – and signing became a celebration party at APL Italiana

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