Imerco Post Merger Integration

Use due diligence process to actively start integration to keep all key resources


  • Imerco is a Danish retailer with focus on homeware with +150 stores and a strong online presence
  • Imerco acquired Inspiration and wanted to fully integrate it. Management had no prior experience in Post Merger Integration, a very tight “daily operation” and upcoming sales peaks that would freeze all back-end work
  • How to merge to retail chains without losing momentum or hurting sales and doing it dynamically until competition authorities could approve the deal?

Imago Advisory approach

  • Imago Advisory led the integration process from signing to “all green” working seamlessly with the full management team, where each functional leader was the project leader and owned the continuing business in his/her area – requiring a tailored 1:1 support
  • Key was for Imerco management to own all workstreams and for Imago Advisory to actively participated in problem solving and planning in all work streams to coordinate, identify dependencies/risks and lead program – and ensure management team had an aggregate plan and focus on key risks and issues
  • Scope covered rebranding, transition model for webshop, full migration for ERP (inventory, accounting, AP/AR), time and salaries management, IT support as well as creating a detailed training for all shop processes to ensure all worked “Imerco style” in 12 weeks from approval
  • Overinvest in education and change management – and awareness of same for leaders


  • Kept motivation – despite 5 replannings due to competition authorities delay
  • Fully integrated in 12 weeks –so Imerco had a record Christmas sale and Black Friday
  • Very high employee satisfaction score and buy-in to new strategy

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