Case Studies

While each client’s problem is unique,
they may provide inspiration to you

Telenor Connexion new CEO needed a strategy to double-digit growth in a highly complex IoT market
Salfarm Strategy aligned management and owners, and led to new organization and more effective customer segmentation
Digital strategy in Brønnum led to a simpler IT architecture, saved PIM system and a clear plan on process improvement


B2B pricing was driving commercial transformation with new governance, transparency and common pricing models with local unit costs
Matas was driving consumer price perception and profitability with Pricing and Category Management
SimCorp used due diligence process to actively start integration to keep all key resources
Effective planning meant Imerco could integrate Inspiration in 12 weeks despite uncertain closing date due to competition authority long approval period
Process optimization in Maersk Line IT’s financial reporting reduced turn around time from 10 to 4 days
Imerco doubled web sales throughput, setting clear roles and responsibilities and scale into omni sales

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