Behind the Name

Cut through the clutter and
unfold your uniqueness

Imago is inspired from nature’s most impressive change story. An insect metamorphoses from egg, larva, cocoon to its ultimate stage as a butterfly realizing its full potential

This stage is called “Imago”. Our vision is that everyone should identify their “Imago stage” and dare to reach it

Thus, our purpose and mission is to help each client to identify their ultimate stage and guide them through their metamorphose. Grasping the bigger picture above the clutter, mobilizing your team and leading the way

For us, it is the ultimate satisfaction when we not only “crack the case” but also feel the mobilization of the organization towards the shared goals

We have been doing this successfully since 2011

Unlocking Your Uniqueness

You only catch-up by
following the footsteps of others

Imago Advisory is a strategy advisory firm focusing on commercial strategy and transformations. We work with our clients on their transformative journeys to realize their ultimate stage of performance, unlocking their uniqueness

Strategy is more than just direction. It’s the narrative how your business transforms into its ultimate stage. How you bring alignment around your goals. How you discern the multitude of daily choices, so you can focus on the differentiating ones and navigate

Transformation is not just another word for project execution. Its all about really understanding and accepting the context you are in – and driving the metamorphosis into the strategic target across all needed aspects of your business and operational model

Advisory means we see ourselves as your trusted adviser and partner. Rather than presenting best practice, standard concepts or textbook solutions, we put ourselves on your shoes. Your context – both in the marketplace and internally – to be able to make the right strategy that can be realized in your operational setting. If not, how could we unluck your uniqueness?

We pride ourselves that most engagements turn into long term relationships that allow us to see the impact and ultimate stage

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